Thursday, March 5, 2009


So, what do you all think of our new van? 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

recent happenings...

Well I have bit more time today because church was cancelled this morning.  Yeah, not only do they cancel school at the drop of a snowflake, but church also.  The only reason why I was excited was because it meant that I didn't have to go through the inevitable frustration and stress of trying to get Gracie, Ellie and myself to church on TIME, which is something that I am still trying to figure out how to accomplish on my own since Jacob is always gone early to meetings.   But in case any of you are starting to get a little jealous, my stalwart husband just suggested that we attend the Fairview Branch this afternoon.  

Gracie and Ellie making the most of their Sunday morning.  Probably the only time in their life when church will be cancelled!

And here you see that we had a visitor!  Katie showed up on our doorstep the day before Valentine's Day.  Next to Jacob proposing to me, this tops of the list of shocking moments in my life.  It was as if distance was suddenly obsolete, and she was just stopping by to say hi.  She came just in time to babysit so that Jacob and I could go to the local ho-down (literally.)  The culture here is so interesting to me, and if you want some good enteretainment, just stop by a local country dancing venue--it's hillarious.  But that's a whole different subject--well not entirely, because that morning we took Katie to Hickman county's very own weekly radio show where there is good music and even better southern accents.  

Pretty much, Katie took over all of the domestic duties.  It was great.  She cooked, cleaned, and baby-sat.   

Of course Gracie and Ellie never wanted to be far from the special visitor.  

It was pretty much the funnest week that I've had in a long time.  There's nothing like a visitor to justify yummy food, special outings, and late-night talks!  If anyone else wants to show up on my doorstep, you're more than welcome!

Now for a few more pictures of Gracie and Ellie's latest tricks and activities...

This is Ellie being a little bird.  Whenever we put something in our mouth, she has this cute little way of opening her mouth and trying to get a taste.  Here she has succeeded in getting a lick of the pretzel. 

Jacob's eagle scout skills came in handy.  He was able to to construct a horse and cart-type scenario, which entertained Gracie and Ellie for a record amount of time before either one of them starting crying.

Sometimes Gracie acts so silly.  I really don't know where she comes up with some of her faces, or her hair for that matter (hmmm, maybe she gets it from Jacob).  She also has a great sense of style, as you can tell from the inside-out shirt.  

Ellie, though, still just smiles sweetly for the camera.

This is our friend Becky who got baptized last week!  She's been investigating the church for about 9 months, and suddenly last Monday we got a call that she had decided to get baptized that night!  It was so exciting, and it always puts things into perspective when somebody gets baptized.

I told you, Gracie has some great poses for the camera.  Especially after she dresses up in Ellie's clothes.  

And finally, who can resist cuddly babies in fuzzy footies?