Friday, August 14, 2009

poor little Ellie

Having been "the little sister" my whole life, I have great empathy for Ellie when things like this happen...

The proud stacker...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

a little Penske ride

Wow.  Hi.  I'm back--literally I guess.  I'm back in Utah.  As is evidenced by the pictures below, we packed up our life in Tennessee and headed back West.  I am a little sorry that I didn't stay in TN long enough to really get my southern drawl down.  I thought I'd come home to Utah and pick up right where I had left off, but I found that my experience down south left me with new eyes and a new perspective.  Suddenly Utah looked much more drab than I had remembered it, and the perfectly straight roads didn't hold quite the appeal that I thought they would.  Of course, this was to be expected.  I never realize that I'll miss something until I suddenly don't have it anymore. 

gotta love the Penske truck, everything from the color to the fact that supposedly they give all of their old, worn out trucks to U-Haul and keep the best for us :) 

Goodbye to our first and probably last (for a while at least) home :((  So much for that nice little $7500 tax rebate that we now have to pay back.  

You just can't beat a 26 hour diesel truck ride with a 2 year old. 

But for a brief 3 days we got to join the ranks of diesel truck drivers.  We got to drive where they drive and fill up where they fill up.  It was an honor. 

So, you ask, what brought us back to Utah?  This amazing wedding cake.  No, not really, but the amazing wedding couple--Julie and Oliver did. 

Needless to say, Gracie and Hailey had a great reunion.

And let me just say that I have yet to see a wedding as original as Julie's--an ice cream bar.  It was divine.

No, we are not at a funeral.  Just kidding, Julie, I loved the black dresses.  

Hmmm, looks like something's going on here.  It could be that Gracie's just dancing, or maybe this was the time that they had a little fun in the fountain.   

And perhaps the most notable thing that happened after the big move was Ellie's first step.  She's now a veteran walker and waddles all over the place.  

So, besides Julie's wedding, Utah is the choice of residence for the next few years so that I can get my cosmetology license.  There's no place like Utah to learn the art of A-line hair cuts and partial head weaves :)  So if you're looking for a hair cut of a life time, just call the school 373-CUTS  (Renaissance Hair Academie in Provo) and make an appointment with me.    

Alright, so I guess the next step is coming up with a new title for this blog thing.  I bet you're all really excited to see what I come up with . . .